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I used to write another blog about all sorts of stuff, but thought I'd relocate my thoughts on films and other cultural whatnots here.

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Tune of the moment


So I finally got around to seeing Moonlight this weekend. Though not as heavily hyped as La La Land (which I've still not managed to see), there's always the risk of filmic disappointment when your expectations have been raised to... Continue Reading →

The Sellout- Paul Beatty

NB Not a film. I was alerted to The Sellout via its Booker Prize win last year, when it was described varyingly as a modern satire with "savage wit" and "funny and painful" by the Booker judges. But having finally... Continue Reading →

Manchester by the Sea

So I watched the already widely acclaimed Manchester by the Sea at the weekend. In a world that is saturated with grimness, I'd been slightly hesitant about seeing something else that might add to the emotional trauma of the past... Continue Reading →

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