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I used to write another blog about all sorts of stuff, but thought I'd relocate my thoughts on films and other cultural whatnots here.

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The Big Sick

So I finally saw The Big Sick earlier this week, and spent quite a lot of its 124 minute running time feeling rather perplexed. Billed as a rom-com from the Judd 'Anchorman and Bridesmaids' Apatow stables, The Big Sick was... Continue Reading →

Baby Driver

At last a film post for my apparently poorly named blog. However, it's going to be a short one, as actually what can you say about Baby Driver? It's pretty much the essence of a popcorn movie distilled down into... Continue Reading →

Something Other Than Everything- Daniel Kitson; A review

I love the comedian Daniel Kitson, but I've never actually seen him perform stand-up comedy. I have seen him in his one-man show Analog.Ue at the National Theatre, when I only heard his voice through various tape recordings. And I... Continue Reading →

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