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Cultural catch up

Oh dear, this blog has been much neglected for months. But in the words of Brittney, "I'm back, bi-atches!".Cultural activities may have been a little thin on the ground of late, but there have been some. In early July the... Continue Reading →


I was never a huge Frank Sidebottom fan, but I did quite like him. For me he was the man with the strange voice from kids telly doing comedy songs and generally messing about on a Saturday morning. It didn't... Continue Reading →

The Lunchbox

I went to see this quietly understated Indian film a few weeks ago, and wasn't too sure what to expect. But I am very happy to report that The Lunchbox is a beautifully made, and really rather delightful film. The... Continue Reading →

The Double

I like Richard Ayoade, but really only know him from the IT Crowd. His film-making career seems to be going pretty well though, as this is his second as a director. It's based on another book, a short story by... Continue Reading →

Daniel Kitson’s Analog.Ue at the National Theatre

I went to see Daniel Kitson at the National Theatre last month, but he didn't say anything. Well nothing that wasn't pre-recorded anyway. I didn't really know much about Daniel Kitson's work before this show, but did have a vague... Continue Reading →

Richard Herring’s We’re All Going to Die

I like Richard Herring. His blog pretty much saved me from mental atrophication a few years ago when my job peaked in its levels of tediousness. But though I like reading his musings on life and other stuff, I've never... Continue Reading →

Inside Llewyn Davis

Better late than never- I actually saw Inside Llewyn Davis last month, allowing me plenty of time to rant about its lack of Oscar nominations. I'd been hearing about the Coen brothers latest offering for some time, but still wasn't... Continue Reading →

The Wolf of Wall Street

I have been attempting to do some film catching up, so with that in mind went to see The Wolf of Wall Street last week. As per usual these days, I've avoided as many reviews and spoilers as possible, so... Continue Reading →

American Hustle

Well into February for the first post of the year? Tsk, tsk. In my defence, nothing very exciting has happened recently and I only saw my first film of the year last week. And that film was American Hustle.I have... Continue Reading →

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