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My cultural highlights of 2016

So in essentially the year of crap, there were still some cultural gems present to nourish us. Here are some of my highlights. 1. BeyoncĂ©- Lemonade It was a close run thing, but this was my album of the year.... Continue Reading →

My top 5 films of 2016

I didn't do much writing last year, but I did still see quite a few films. So here's my 'best of' list for 2016 with some additional thoughts. 1. Under the Shadow I hate horror films. However, on the basis... Continue Reading →

My (mainly) film blog

I used to write another blog about all sorts of stuff, but thought I'd relocate my thoughts on films and other cultural whatnots here.

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Mistress America

I went to see another film! Woo!   I so loved Frances Ha, that I was delighted to find out that Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach had collaborated on a new film. And that this film (Mistress America) was opening... Continue Reading →


Radio silence for a while due to the commencement of a Netflix subscription- and somehow writing about films watched on the telly didn't feel quite right. But I have made it to the cinema to see the Amy Winehouse documentary... Continue Reading →

Gone Girl

So apart from the minor fiasco of The Grandmaster, I haven't been to the cinema for some time. The latest Woody offering, with its luke-warm reviews, was not particularly compelling, and ultimately was not even on for long enough for... Continue Reading →

Cultural catch up

Oh dear, this blog has been much neglected for months. But in the words of Brittney, "I'm back, bi-atches!".Cultural activities may have been a little thin on the ground of late, but there have been some. In early July the... Continue Reading →


I was never a huge Frank Sidebottom fan, but I did quite like him. For me he was the man with the strange voice from kids telly doing comedy songs and generally messing about on a Saturday morning. It didn't... Continue Reading →

The Lunchbox

I went to see this quietly understated Indian film a few weeks ago, and wasn't too sure what to expect. But I am very happy to report that The Lunchbox is a beautifully made, and really rather delightful film. The... Continue Reading →

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